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We focus on automation products, while providing the best technical support and services in the electrical industry. We choose to limit our lines to be capable of providing great support.
At Automation Zone, we don’t want to be a "part number" distributor, we have lines that our salesman and engineers know inside and out.  Automation Zone provides a variety of skills and hands on solutions from years of experience selling, designing and implementing automation control systems. We have selected our product lines based on quality, ease of use and cost savings. In today’s economical environment saving money is everyone’s priority.
Wireless, Tools, Terminal Blocks and Connectivity
PLC's, Push Buttons, Light  
                                           Curtains, Relays, Sensors
HMI , OIT Plus Panel PC's

Motor Starters , Manual Starters, Soft Starts
Fuses, Disconnects, Fuse Safety , Training
AC Drives, PLc & OIt, Temperatur Controllers, Servos
Safety Relays, Safety Switches, Proximity Sensors
Signal Towers, Audible Signals, Mobile Cell Signaling
Stack Lights, Rotary Beacons, Strobes, Alarms
AC / DC Motors, Gear Motors & Speed Reducers
DC Drives, Smarty Modbus RTU Ethernet, AC Drives 
Cable Ties, Mounts, Cable Tie Tools
Unmanaged, PoE, Monitored, Wireless Ethernet Switches
Arch Flash Safety Tools and PPE
AC Motors
Safety Mats. Safety Edges, Presurre and Microwave
Input Output Line reactors, Power Conditioning
      Panel Meters,HMI,    
                                          EtherNet, Industrial Cellular,
                                          Process Controls