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Plant Tracker

Plant Tracker is a building block to your OEE and Data Collection needs with in a unique package that makes it heads and shoulders above the competition.
It differs from other software packages in many aspects with the first being cost. After seeing how much other packages cost (some starting close to a hundred thousand) we decided to develop our package to be cost effective so that the customer would receive maximum return on investment.
The first way we did this was by producing Plant Tracker in Indusoft. Indusoft is a full development software program that rivals wonder ware and factory talk. By going with Indusoft we were able to keep Plant Trackers initial cost low with giving you the customer maximum flexibility to expand and grow the database and remove those pesky yearly licensing fees. We have a scheduler, downtime codes and archived data within Microsoft access which will allow you the customer to easily export your data into excel. Once in excel you will be able to build custom graphs that meet your demands.  
One other major option we give our customers is the ability to be portable with Plant Tracker within a pelican brief case. This will allow you to receive your OEE on machines that move around a lot or even during start up periods where you want to get them running at peak performance. This portability can be networked in by either hard wire or by Weidmuller Wireless. Having the wireless option will continue to keep your cost down and allowing you to expand Plant Tracker in the future. The best thing about Plant Tracker however is the ease in which you will be able to expand and grow it by yourself without the help of us. This final option along with all the other stated above will give you the tools to take your plant to peak performance and growth long into the future.
It is a data collection tool that will allow you to see the machine performance (OEE) for the last three shifts plus the current one at a touch of a button.
Data is always being stored to a Access Database in which you can run reports, trend charts, graphical analysis and any statistical transformation of the data
How will the Plant Tracker help you improve our equipment output?
Real Time Data
Archived Data
Operator Performance
Machine Performance
The Plant Tracker will allow you take a in depth look at what is making your equipment not perform up to it’s optimal output through specific data. This data will enable you to take quick corrective action to reduce these issues.
What will you be able to look at with the Plant Tracker?
Total Number of Parts
Reject Parts
Cycle Times
Event Log
Archived Data
Actual Part Cost vs. Quoted Part Cost

 What is OEE?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Data driven monitoring system of the manufacturing productivity loss’
Calculating OEE…
               Availability - Takes into account down time loss’ and is calculated as:
Operating Time / Planned Production Time Performance.

Performance - takes into account speed loss’ and is calculated as:
Ideal Cycle Time/ (Operating Time / Total Pieces)

Quality - Takes into account Quality Loss, and is calculated as:
                                           Good Pieces / Total Pieces